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About Russ


Russ bought his first flute in 2011: a pocket flute that came with a DVD that taught him how to play it. The next week, he bought another flute. Russ felt a significant connection to the instrument, and I wanted to share that connection with others through the sound and feeling of the flute.

For the next 8 years, Russ played the flute every day and made videos that he posted on Facebook.With three self-published CDs, he learned a lot about
his relationship with different flutes, as well as what it was like to perform in front of both large and small audiences.

Many people believe that there are spirits inside of each flute, and Russ absolutely believe this too. When playing, something magical happens between
the flute and himself...the people who listen are transported to an enchanted land. There is a profound connection that happens when the
vibrations move through us. It is the spirit of Quetzelquatl bringing us together.

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